High Mast Winch Exporter for Qatar

Reliable Gears are the leading High Mast Winch Exporter for Qatar from Gujarat. A high mast winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in or let out or otherwise adjust the tension of wire rope. It consists of a drum attached to a gear. High mast winches are the basis of such machines are use for lights hanged on high mast. That can be powered by electric or manual handle drives. We Export High Mast Winch all across UAESouth Africa, and Qatar from India.


  • The system enables the light fitting to be lowered to ground level on a wire rope.
  • The winch system enables the light fitting to be lowered to ground level on a single or double wire rope.
  • Columns from 8 to 30 meters in height can be supplied.
  • In all cases self sustaining winches are fitted in the column base.
  • We can design a high mast lighting winch system so that nothing is visible once it is raised and in place.
  • INDEPENDENT DRIVES for each drum which allow rope equalising at any time by simply removing the splitter gearbox from the two input shafts, doing the necessary adjustment, replacing the splitter gearbox and continuing the operation.
  • SELF SUSTAINING worm gear drives which offer maximum safety and load control.
  • DOUBLE ROPES from the independent drums give maximum safety through load sharing.
  • GROOVED DRUMS with undercut flanges facilitate even rope laying which gives best rope life and helps ensure that the ropes will share the load once they have been leveled.
  • PORTABILITY has been achieved by keeping the weight to a minimum. OIL FILLED work gear housings ensure years of maintenance free duty.