Custom Gearboxes

Reliable Gears are the leading Custom Gearboxes Manufacturer in Gujarat and Gearbox Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Gujarat.  Gearboxes transmit power by increasing torque, increasing or reducing shaft speed, reversing rotation, and driving at the right angle to the input or parallel to the input. These versatile power transmission components are used in various types of industrial equipment and machinery across applications including food and beverage, medical, aerospace, office machines and several others. We are also a well-known Industrial Gears and Custom Gearbox Manufacturer and Supplier in Mumbai, India

While standard gearboxes and components typically meet the requirements of most OEM mechanical applications, there are several benefits to designing a custom gearbox. Customization allows for specific needs to be met, whether its material, size, or requirements for speed and low backlash. It also provides the opportunity for an OEM to be involved in the full process, ranging from design to production.

Custom gearboxes are an ideal solution for equipment and applications with unique torque requirements or when you need to replicate obsolete components. They easily integrate into your existing equipment and are tailored to meet the needs of high-performance applications. When you work with a custom gearbox manufacturer, you receive components that are designed and fabricated to meet your exact needs.

If you need any type of custom gearbox—a right angle gearbox, parallel shaft gearbox, crossed axis gearbox, etc. we are expertise to deliver the perfect custom gearbox or custom miniature gearbox for your unique application.

The same quality and precision that we build into our standard products goes into each and every custom gearbox we produce. We deliver reliable, low maintenance, high-performance custom gearbox.

The Custom Gearbox Manufacturing Experts

  • If you have a design for a custom gearbox, we will build it.
  • If you have a sample, we will reverse engineer it.
  • If you have a concept, our custom gearbox manufacturing engineers will work with you to turn it into reality.

Request a quote on the custom gearbox you need to discuss your application and performance requirements.

Advantage for Custom Gearboxes

  • Design service available
  • Existing components can be reverse engineered to produce new versions
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Very low backlash, if needed
  • Speed reducers or speed increasers
  • High precision gears and bearings
  • CNC precision-machined housings and gears
  • Custom manufactured gearboxes in small or large quantities